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Pokémon GO – Chasing the Pokémon

Pokémon GO

When it comes to some of the most popular and trending mobile games that are played online, Pokémon GO is definitely on the list. Pokémon GO went on to become one of the most played games since it was first published online.

There are hundreds of players all over the world playing Pokémon GO as you read. The Pokémon GO game has been named as the “Best Mobile Game” and was also awarded the “Best App of the Year”.

So what makes this game so interesting? Let us find out.

About the gameplay

Pokémon GO is an adventure game from the developers at Niantic Inc. The game opens up the world of Pokémon to the players. This game has a huge fan following all across the globe. This interactive game allows its users to battle against a team called the Team GO Rocket.

This Team GO Rocket has invaded the Pokémon world and you have to save it from being destroyed. As you rescue the Pokémon, you also need to restore many of the PokéStops as you go about battling with the Grunts from the Team GO Rocket. This game will have you addicted to it.

Game Features

The Pokémon GO is a global game that has billions of people playing the game every day. The players are supposed to explore the world and surroundings around them. This will lead to them discovering more new and exciting Pokémons around them. There are Trainers all over the world that are searching for new Pokémons in their surroundings.

Wherever you are, you can play this game and discover new parts and places in the world of Pokémon. As you catch more and more Pokémons, you will be able to be one step closer to completing your Pokédex. You can even form teams with other trainers during the Raid Battles to get hold of new and powerful Pokémons.

The other details of the game

In Pokémon GO, travel and play along with your Buddy Pokémon. This will make your Pokémon stronger and you will also receive more rewards. Also, there are gym battles for you to participate in.

The game of Pokémon GO is a free-to-play app that offers a few in-app purchases. It can only be played only on smartphones. The game is better when played in a device that has a strong network connection. This is because the game requires knowing the exact location of the player. Also, the game might not be compatible with devices that are only connected to Wi-Fi networks. Make sure your device is compatible with the app before you download and install it.


In short, this is an addictive game that one should try at least once. It would be a great addition to your mobile screen. It has become a sensation in the global gaming world ever since it first arrived on online platforms.

So go ahead and download Pokémon GO to kick your boredom away!