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Have an Ultimate Battle with RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends

Some of the fighting games out there are just not worth the time. After trying out so many games, we have found the best one for you. We are sure you will enjoy this one a lot because of it’s amazing features. It has endless fun and everything that a good fighting game must-have.

About Gameplay

RAID: Shadow Legends is a role-playing game set up in fantasy land. You’ll have to save the world of Teleria by using it’s most powerful warriors. Make your army and fight all the enemies coming your way.

You’ll have to train those warriors and make them fight the evil. Give them the best training and teach them how to raid and loot the enemies. Many unknown worlds await you, so download it today and get ready to fight. It also has a story campaign.


With hundreds of warriors available, each one of them has their own skills and features. This one features epic attention to the detail. 3D heroes will make you want to play more. You can look at the fighting from various environments.

You can upgrade your personal fortress and have a great time fighting all those who attack it. Learn all that you can and keep playing to unlock special powers for your heroes. RAID: Shadow Legends requires a strategy.

Build up the best one to ensure you win all the battles from players around the world. Available in many different languages, you can play this one without any worries.

Game Features

This one features hundreds of warriors from 16 different factions. Collect them all and make them fight from your side. Train them and make the best raiding party which is undefeatable. You can fight various bosses in the game.

Each win will help you gain more XP and special Champion drops. Keep fighting with them till you become the best. You can also battle with players from around the world. Build up a strong team and enter the battle.

Show the other players how powerful you are. Defeat them all and increase your ranking. The more you progress, the more special gear you will unlock.


RAID: Shadow Legends is perfect for all those looking for a decent fighting game. It is suitable for players above the age of 12 and can enjoy their time to the best. Its amazing graphics is something which will impress you the most.

You surely won’t get tired playing this one. This one has launched just a year ago and has quickly climbed up the popular list. You can enjoy this game for free but can have access to some of its amazing features for real money.

All these will help you fight better and increase your chances of winning. It is worth all the time spent and you will find it quite entertaining. Install it today to discover an amazing fantasy world to battle everyone you want to.